Installing Uconomy

To Install Uconomy, log into LYHMEPanel, select Unturned Server, then follow these steps:

Requirements: Must have rocket installed. See Installing rocket and Advanced Permissions.

1. To start off, we must first download the plugins themselves.

2. After you have downloaded these plugins from the rocket plugins repository, navigate to your plugins folder from file manager > Servers > Yourserver > Rocket > plugins and place the plugins in there. The downloaded plugins also come with libraries and should be put in the libraries folder as well. After you have done this type /rocket reload in game, in console, or simply restart your server. This will generate the needed configuration files necessary to connect Uconomy to the specified MySQL tables.

3. Navigate back to the Plugins folder. In that folder, there should be a new folder called “Uconomy” navigate to that. Inside, should be 2 text documents. One is the configuration which is what we want to go to. Once we’re editing the Uconomy configuration, we must enter in our MySQL database connection information, which can be found on the home control panel with the button: “MySQL database info.” I will use an example database.






4. Use your own information for the following. After you’ve completed this step save the text document, and type /rocket reload in console or in game, or restart your server. Uconomy is now installed on your server, although items haven’t been added to ZaupShop. To add items to the shop, you can do the command: /shop add <itemID> <Cost> in game. To set the buyback (selling back to the shop) you must do the command: /shop buy <idemID> <amount>.

If you have any questions please feel free to open a support ticket! We are happy to help.

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