How To Add a Unturned Server Icon

To add a server icon, log into LYHMEPanel, select and stop your Unturned Server, then follow these steps:

Icon Recommendations:
Size: 64x64 pixels
Filetype: .PNG

Creating the Icon:
1. You will need to either have a picture already created or have one created.

2. You can convert a picture to an icon by using this tool here:

3. Once you have your desired image, Click the "Download: jpg" to download and save it to your computer.

Hosting The Icon
1. Now you will want to upload the image to this site here:

Press "New Post" at the top of the page and drag the recently created image to the popup
1.3. You will then see your image, Hover over the image and you will see a link. Press "Copy"
1.4. Paste that link side your browser and add ".png" at the end. Example:

Apply To Your Server
1. Navigate and click on "Configuration files"

2. Click on [Text Editor] Across from Config.json

You will see the following as shown below


  "Browser": {

    "Icon": "",

    "Desc_Hint": "",

    "Desc_Full": ""


You will want to past the imgur link inside the   

"Icon": "

Then it will look like the following:


  "Browser": {

    "Icon": "",

    "Desc_Hint": "",

    "Desc_Full": ""


4. Once you are happy, click SAVE

5. Start your server

Side Notes:
If you would like to add a subheader below your server name, You can put text inside the "Desc_Hint": "", section.
If you would like to add more details about your server before joining, You can put text inside the "Desc_Full": "", section.

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