-The following listed are commands of which are available by default Rocketmod

Admin Commands:
 - /exec <command> - executes command from console
- /admin <player> - adds the specified player to admin list
- /unadmin <player> - removes the specified player from admin list
/god - turns on and off god mode
/vanish - turns on and off invisibility to other players
/heal [player] - heals a given player / leave blank for self-heal
/i <item> [amount] - gives you items
/item <item> [amount] - gives you items
/v <vehicle> - gives you a vehicle
/tp <player> - teleports you to a given player
/tphere <player> - teleports a given player to you
/broadcast <message> - broadcasts a message to server
/exit - disconnects you from server
- /help - shows help information

Feature Commands:
- /compass - tells you what direction you are facing
/effect <effect id> - spawns Unturned effect
- /home - teleports you to your last bed placed

Information Commands:
- /p <player> - shows your permissions, or the permissions of others
/p reload - reloads the permissions file
/p [add | remove] <player> <group> - add or remove player to group
/rocket <plugins | reload> | <reload | unload | load> <plugin> - Reloading Rocket or individual plugins on your server
- /investigate <player> - tells you the player's Steam 64 id

Side Notes:
- By default, a permission required to execute command is its name (/kit would require kit).
- If you grant multi-level permissions (like kit.test) the player is automatically granted the kit permission.
- If you grant wildcard permissions (like kit.*) the player is automatically granted the kit, and all permissions starting with, "kit."
- All Unturned commands are prefixed with a /.
- All rocket commands use a space as the parameter separator. Rocket command parameters with spaces in them, like a player name, or an item name, will need to be encased in quotes.
- Player, vehicle or item parameters can be either their name or IDs.- All commands are available to admins

Resources Used: https://github.com/RocketMod/Rocket/wiki/Commands

Still having troubles with anything? Please feel free to open a support ticket! Our team is always happy to help and we’ll gladly assist you as soon as we can!