How to submit a sponsorship request?

1.     To get a sponsorship with us you’re going to want to open a ticket in the sponsorships department, you can do this by going to this link: Sponsorship
2.     Next you’re going to want to enter a subject relating to the topic such as; “Sponsorship”.
3.     You may enter the ticket priority but that is optional (either; High, Medium or Low)
4.     Now you’re going to want to type up your message, you will want to include information about yourself,
5.     After you have completed the previous step you will have to give us either your ‘YouTube Channel’ link or your ‘Streaming Channel URL’. This is so we can view your YouTube/Steaming Channel and review if it is okay for us to start a sponsorship with you.
6.     After you’ve completed all previous steps all you need to do is click the ‘Submit’ button which will submit your ticket to us, it can take us up to 72 hours to reply to your ticket. (Usually asap)

Still having troubles with anything? Please feel free to open a support ticket! Our team is always happy to help and we’ll gladly assist you as soon as we can!

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