Connecting to RCON with PuTTY

Please read below on how to Connect RCON With PuTTY.

Please follow the steps below for accuracy on how to connect and execute commands without using your console. 

Before doing all of the steps provided below please follow what is type below:
-Before doing this go to LYHME Panel and go to configuration files and then to Rocket.config.xml.
-Enable RCON - To do this follow the link which is an image shown how to enable RCON In Rocket.config.xml

Step 1: Download PuTTY Using the link provided:
Once you have successfully downloaded PuTTY you want to do the following: 
Enter your Server IP and Port and press "Open" 
Please see the picture provided: This Image shows you how to set up PuTTY. As you can see in the image you must click on Telnet 

Now that we have gone over the basic things and how to set up PuTTY Lets get onto the more advanced stuff to do with Connecting RCON to PuTTY. 
The Step 2 Section will be on how to change your password in the Rocket.config.xml [Can be found in Configuration Files]

Step 2: Once you clicked "Open", it should open up a terminal.
Here, you want to login by entering in your password.
You do this by typing "login <password>" Do not enter in the speech marks and replace "<password>" with whatever you entered in the Rocket.config.xml.
Also, press enter to once you have entered in your password.

DON'T SET YOUR PORT TO YOUR SERVER'S PORT IN THE ROCKET.CONFIG.XML Set it to something like 27000 or 28000, This is the Port you also enter on the PuTTY Connection screen.

The next Step is giving basic information and how it should so when you have executed commands.

Step 3 - Once you logged into, you are done!
Now, you can enter in commands such as p reload.
You can view this at Web Console, like so: [2/21/2018 6:37:26 PM] [Info] Client has executed command "p reload"
[2/21/2018 6:37:26 PM] [Info] Permissions reloaded

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this article. 
This Article was made by Conor J [LYHME Hosting Support Technician] 

For further assistance with this article or topic please submit a support ticket at the following link:

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