Backing up your server

This is a quick Step by Step Guide on how to Backup and Restore your Unturned Server

On the LYHME Panel we have two buttons provided to the client: 

-Server Folders - Backup
-Server Folders - Restore

How to Backup your server:

Step 1 (Backing up your server): Login to the with your client details
Step 2: Make sure your server is down and click the Server Folders - Backup. 
Step 3: Wait through the process of backing up your Server, Once done your server should be backed up

How to Restore your server: 

Step 1: Login to the with your credentials
Step 2: Select the Backup from the dropdown menu you would like and click Execute
Step 3: Wait through the process, Once it is done you can Start up your server and it should be restored to the version you selected. 

Make sure your server is down when executing any backups or restores of your server. 

If you need any more assistance with this topic submit a support ticket and a member of Support will get back to you where we are glad to assist you:

Article made by Conor J [LYHME Hosting Support Technician]

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