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Arma 3

- Up To 96 Slots -

  • LYHMEPanel Control Panel
  • Always Online
  • DDoS Protection
  • Automatic Setup
  • Quick & Friendly Support

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There are many reason why to use us for your hosting services. Here is just a few.


High Performance

We are using only the best high end processors to run your Game Services.



Get a free MySQL database upon request, to host all your plugins that require MySQL databases.



Got some Admins or Developers that you want to access the control panel, add some Sub-Users and they will get their own accounts, no worries about giving out your passwords!

Unbeatable Support

We know that being a first-time server owner is hard! We are here to help you with any trouble that you might have.

DDoS Protection

We understand that DDoS threats happen way to frequently in todays day and age. We provide amazing DDoS protection you wont have to worry about your server ever going down.

Resource Monitoring

Wanting to know specifically what resources you are using? LYHMEPanel will tell you the CPU (%) and RAM (%) you are using.

Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

Don't worry about your server ever going down unexpectedly. We will notify you if it does for any reason!

Scalable & Customized

LYHMEPanel will allow you the oppitunity to configure your server, quickly and professionally.